Even though ZACH’s stages are dark, we all need a little light right now. ZACH Now! brings you musicals, plays, performance clips, and new artist collaborations—all for free. 

If you enjoyed these performances and are in a position to do so, we ask you to consider a donation to The Stagelight Fund to guarantee that our ZACH artists, educators, staff, volunteers, and patrons have a home to come back to. 

All proceeds will support ZACH artists and staff impacted during this difficult time.

ZACH Now! programming is sponsored in part by 

Richard Condit, Bill Dickey, Lawson Ellinor, Max Judd and Don Gauger, Shanny Lott, Susan Lubin, Nancy Kuo, Carolyn and Marc Seriff, Mafalda Tan and Jeff Straathof, Rick Sanchez, Jessica and Greg Weaver