Group Discounts

Group Benefits and Priority Seating for Groups of 8 or More

Bring 8 or more and sit together on a single night. Super discounts apply when the entire theatre is purchased. Party spaces are available for your pre- or post-show gathering.


  • Discounts for qualifying performances*
  • Advance reservations prior to public on-sale
  • Personalized one-on-one service
  • Personalized promotional material for your group
  • Reserve an estimated number of seats before you know how many people are attending*
  • Concierge service – will meet your group at the theatre before the show and more
  • Be seated together (subject to availability)
  • Bar packages are available
  • Waived fees for ticket mailings

*Must be finalized at least three weeks before show date.

  • Group tickets must be held with a deposit.
  • Full payment must be received three weeks prior to the selected show date.
  • Seating cannot be guaranteed without reservation and full payment.
  • Show dates less than three weeks away can still be purchased but it must be paid in full with one payment

What happens if I reserve with a deposit and then my group drops below eight tickets?

Any paid deposit can be used towards the cost of full-priced tickets.

What happens if someone can’t attend after we’ve purchased the tickets?

All sales are final. Tickets may be rescheduled for the same production as originally purchased. Tickets must be rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance of the initially booked performance. There is a $6 per ticket charge, along with any difference in the full ticket price for the rescheduled date.

May I have a catered party?

Absolutely!  ZACH has several Rental spaces on campus in which to cater a party before or after a show. We can accommodate a sit-down dinner for up to 420 or more of a cocktail party setting. (Space Rentals info here.)

Which dates are available? Whom do I contact for more information and to book my party?

Contact our Rentals Manager, Christina Barboza, at 512-476-0541 x451 or

ZACH Group Sales Questionnaire

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