About ZACH Theatre

A non-profit organization, ZACH creates intimate theatre experiences that ignite the imagination, inspire the spirit, and engage the community. As Austin’s leading professional producing theatre, ZACH employs more than 250 actors, musicians, and designers annually to create its own diverse array of nationally recognized plays and musicals that are timely and relevant to Central Texas audiences, under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Dave Steakley and Managing Director Elisbeth Challener. Each year, ZACH serves over 125,000 Central Texans – over 55,000 of which are children and youth who participate in our education and outreach programs, as well as inspiring camps and classes.


ZACH creates exceptional theatre experiences that inspire and engage the Austin community.


ZACH is a theatre of national impact that cultivates empathy, ignites joy, and transforms lives.

Core Values

Artistic Excellence | We make great work on our stages. Each day in our creative and educational spaces, we strive to create our best work through fertile, empowered collaboration with fellow artists. We approach each challenge with determination, innovation, and the desire to constantly improve.

Business Discipline | We are conscious stewards of our community’s financial support, committed to transparency, efficiency, and responsible utilization of all resources.

Inclusion | We welcome and treat all people with dignity and respect, advance a culture of equity, and promote understanding and celebration of differences.

Austin | ZACH is a theater of, by, and for Austin.