Our Box Office is located in the lobby of ZACH’s Topfer Theatre, at the corner of South Lamar and Riverside. See campus map here.

Our Box Office in the Topfer Theatre is open Tuesday through Friday from Noon until 5:00 pm during the run of a production. 

Each of our three theaters hosts a Box Office in its respective lobby.  Will Call opens one hour prior to show time for performances in the Kleberg and Whisenhunt Theatres.  Will Call for performances in the Topfer Theatre is available at our primary box office an hour and a half prior to show time. 

Find theater buildings, lots, and valet on our parking map here.

During performances and events, single ticket buyers will be charged $10 per car to be paid via credit card or cash to an onsite attendant.

Subscribers receive FREE parking in a dedicated lot for each performance. Subscriber parking is based on availability; we recommend arriving 30 minutes before your performance.

During non-performance times, parking will be charged at an onsite metering system similar to those around the Austin area.

For those visiting ZACH for limited time spans, we will have short-term parking and temporary passes available.

There are handicap parking spots in our Topfer Theatre lot. Parking in this area can be utilized when seeing productions in the Topfer and Kleberg Theatres. There are accessible spots in the Binning-Dickson Education Center parking lot off Toomey Road for shows in the Whisenhunt Theatre.

ZACH asks that patrons not bring weapons on the premises. Signage is posted stating:





General Questions

While there is no official dress code at ZACH, most patrons opt to wear business casual attire.  Austin is a city of great diversity and individuality and our audience reflects that. ZACH does, however, adhere to a strict no shirt, no shoes, no show policy.

At ZACH, our goal is for each audience member to be able to appreciate our productions in their fullest.  As we value each patron’s experience and the expectation that it will be free from perceptible distractions, we do prohibit infants from attending our Mainstage productions.


Please note that we do welcome infants and children to those shows included in our Family Series.  Please check a specific show’s listing for more detailed age suggestions.

Online Ticketing

More often than not, account registration problems occur when the particular email being entered has already been registered in our system.  Even if you have not used our online ticketing module before, we may have received your email through different means. In any case, if our computer system contains your email tied to your name, it will not allow you to create a new account.  This serves as a checks and balances that you do not create a second account in our system, which causes problems for both patrons and box office staff.

Instead of trying to create a new account, please follow the steps below to attempt to retrieve a password.

If you can not remember your password, you will need to reset it.  In order to do so, please navigate to the login screen, select “Forgot Your Password” at the top of the ticket buying module, and enter your email address.  A message will be emailed to you containing a link that will allow you to set up a new password and log in.

Unlike some online shopping applications that ask for discount codes on the back end of the purchase, ZACH’s online ticketing program requires the coupon before you begin the transaction.  This setup guarantees that shoppers select only those options relevant to their respective coupon, as many have scheduling or seating conditions.


On the first screen after you have selected a show date, an input field should appear at the top right of ticket buying module, immediately under the horizontal ZACH banner.  The words “Promo Code” will be in the box. Enter the code in this field and purchasing options should appear that reflect the respective promotion.

When purchasing tickets either online or over the phone, the option exists for patrons to print those hard copy tickets from home.  If you have chosen this option (as opposed to leaving the tickets at Will Call), you will be sent two emails upon the completion of your order.  The first email will be an order confirmation, while the second will contain a printable PDF file. That printed document will serve as the actual tickets that can be carried into the auditorium and scanned by ushers.


If your tickets print without text on them, it most often denotes that your PDF reader is not compatible with the PDF file created by our ticketing application.  This should not be a problem, as the barcodes on the tickets should still print and can be scanned by our ushering staff, allowing you access to the theater.


In our Topfer Theatre, patrons with mobility issues should purchase tickets on Row I.  Looking at our seating map here, note the aisle that runs from left to right in the middle of the theater.  Patrons enter the auditorium at both sides of this aisle, which is at ground level.  The rows below that aisle (Rows A-H) requires patrons to navigate down stairs, while the rows behind that aisle (Row J-O) require patrons to navigate up stairs.  Row I is the only row containing seats at ground level. Wheelchair seats are not actual chairs, but instead a opening where wheelchairs can be positioned. With each wheelchair seat, there is an associated companion seat, which is a theater chair.  When purchasing seats online, note that wheelchair seats are marked with the wheelchair icon and companion seats are marked with an asterisk.


In the Kleberg Theatre, patrons enter at ground level, and the seats on Row A are accessible to wheelchairs and those with mobility issues.  In our online ticketing system, wheelchair seating sets are marked with a wheelchair (for the wheelchair space) and star icon (for a companion seat). If you have additional questions on pricing accessibility, please call us at 512-476-0594


In the Whisenhunt Theatre, wheelchairs seats are located on Row D.  Patrons seated in Rows A and B will have to navigate down a few stairs, while all seats in Rows C and D are located at ground level.

Exchanges can be made for a $6 per ticket fee. No refunds, though. All sales are final.

In the event of a sold out performance, a limited number of full-price stand-by tickets are sold in advance, by phone, or in person. Stand-by patrons are seated at curtain time in open seats. We can guarantee up to two seats together.


Please contact the Box Office at 512-476-0541 x1 during normal hours to check on availability of these tickets. On the rare chance that we cannot get you in, we will refund your purchase.

Yes. If you are not able to attend a performance or if you would simply like to gift your tickets to someone you know, you are welcome to do so.  If you have the printed tickets in hand, you can simply give those to the recipient’s party. If you were planning on picking up the tickets from Will Call, just let the recipients know which name the tickets are under and an associated customer or order number.

If you have tickets which you will be unable to use, you are also welcome to donate them back to ZACH for a tax deduction.

There are a couple places you can find out in which theatre your respective performance is being held.  If you have a printed ticket, the name of the stage is printed on your ticket right underneath the title and date of your performance.  You can also check on our website, where every performance will list its respective stage. See shows listings here.

To claim tickets at the Will Call window, we simply need the name the reservation is listed under.  We will verify account details with that person.

At show time, all empty seats are released back to the house to seat those patrons on stand-by and our dedicated volunteer corps. If you are running late to your performance, phone 512-476-0541 x1, so that we are aware that you are on your way and can hold your seats.

Lost tickets are never a problem at ZACH.  So long as you know the name the tickets were listed under, we can always retrieve your account, verify your information, and re-print your tickets, either in advance or on the day of the performance.

With all ticket sales, fees are charged. We make every effort to keep these service charges as low as possible. Facility fees go to the extensive work of maintaining our properties, while order fees cover the overhead charges involved in Box Office operations not limited to ticketing software fees, credit card fees, labor, ticket stock, phone fees, and more.


There is only one fee, a Facility Fee now. We need to decide how we are going to describe that. 


One facility fee is charged with each individual ticket purchased. These standard fees are accrued regardless of your purchasing method. We thank you for supporting us as a non-profit entity and understanding that these small fees help to keep us in business.

ZACH does offer group rates and priority seating for any purchase of eight or more tickets. Discounts increase with the size of your group. Special rates are available for student groups. In order to schedule your group, please contact our Group Sales Associate at 512-476-0594 x221 or email groupsales@zachtheatre.org.

Subscription information can be found here.

Similar to many large theaters across the country– including most Broadway productions– ZACH has elected to sell the front row seats in our Topfer Theatre at a discounted rate.  This ensures that, regardless of ticket price increases, we will always have more affordable seating options available for students or other patrons who require them. These seats may have an obstructed view for select productions. These seats are an extension of our efforts to make theatre accessible to all.


ZACH’s lounges and bars offer an impressive selection of wines hand selected by a local sommelier, cocktails and local craft beers. Our Kleberg and Topfer bars offer a wide range of liquor selections including our popular wells and single malt scotches to high-end bourbons and unique liqueurs. Gourmet appetizer plates custom created for ZACH by Vanilla Orchid and small bites from Austin Nuts, Mary Louise Butter’s Brownies and Quack’s Cookies are available. Beverages range from $6 beers to $10 premium liquors and up. Bars open 90 minutes prior to show time. The Topfer lounge remains open post-show. Our bars accept all major credit cards, and you may run a tab during your ZACH visit. Pre-order your drinks at the bar, and they will be waiting for you at intermission and post-show.

Yes, ZACH does sell gift certificates.  They are sold online here and also can be purchased at the box office, either in person of over the phone.

Absolutely. You are welcome to let a ticket agent know at the time of purchase or ask the House Manager when you arrive, and we’ll be happy to schedule a taxi pickup for you.  In addition, apps are available for such as “Hailacab Austin” for Android OS and iPhones. Our address is 202 South Lamar, and we suggest the Riverside entrance to our parking lot.


If you would like to call the taxi service, contact Yellow Cab Austin at 512-452-9999.


Did you know? ZACH also has a partnership with local rideshare app RideAustin. When you book a ride with RideAustin and activate the Round Up feature, you can elect to support ZACH Theatre by rounding up your fare to the nearest dollar. We appreciate your support!