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Current Members

The following list reflects contributions of $85 or more made toward ZACH Theatre’s Annual Fund from September 1, 2016 to September 1, 2017.

Special thanks to our 2017-18 Dream Fund Orchestra Supporters who helped make live music possible through their generous support.

James Armstrong and Larry Connelly
Carolyn Bartlett and Jesus Fraire
Eric and Maria Groten
Richard Hartgrove and Gary Cooper
Phil and Sue Maxwell
Brian McCall
Bettye and Bill Nowlin
Jim Raup
Carolyn and Marc Seriff


Executive Producer’s Circle Plus: $15,000 +

James Armstrong and Larry Connelly
Maxx Judd and Donn Gauger
Brian McCall
Pamela and Scott Reichardt
Carolyn and Marc Seriff*
Carl and Claire Stuart

Executive Producer’s Circle: $10,000-$14,999

Carolyn Bartlett and Jesus Fraire
Bill Dickson*
Mindy Ellmer and Charlie Geren
Eric and Maria Groten
Kathleen and Harvey Guion
Bettye and Bill Nowlin
Tom and Colleen Terkel

Producer’s Circle: $7,500-$9,999

Dr. Gary and Karen Goldstein
Deborah Green and Clayton Aynesworth
Anna, Cindy, and John Greenwood
Michael and Sarah Heidler
Dan Jackson III and M. Jeremy Guiberteau
Jack and Carla McDonald
Jerome Murray
Michelle and Eric Natinsky*
Mary Herr Tally and Rusty Tally

Director’s Circle: $6,000-$7,499

ABE Charitable Foundation*
Sergio Alcocer
Thomas D. Barrett
Jan and Louis Bock*
Jeff and Marcy Carpenter*
Will Coombes and Brian Luna
Ken and Candice Corby
Bill Dickey
Robert Fischer and Kim Corcoran
Kathy Hutto and Allen Beinke
Mike and Suzanne Kennedy
John and Marcy Melanson
Laura Merritt and J.P. Kloninger*
Deborah O’Connell and William Stassen
Harriet O’Neill and Kerry Cammack
Jan and Gary Pickle
The Honorable James R. Pitts
William Pratt*
Annette Renaud
Lesa and Bill Rossick
Berny and Sarah Schiff
Chari and Adam Schramek
Sam Slate and Shelagh Schiro
Robert Stoltz and Eve Michaels
Leslie and Reid Sweet
Mort and Bobbi Topfer
Nelda Trevino*
Dale Volpe

Designer’s Circle: $3,000-$5,999

Dr. Brandi Andrade and Mr. Jimmy Fortuna
Michelle Bourianoff and Juan Zalles
Gail Commagere
Kristen and Aaron Day
Lori Dennis and Karen Verser
Kathleen Dorran
Kim Eckert and Gil Cantu
Derrick Evans
Jacque and Jay Forrest
Joshua and Rebecca Gindele
Richard Hartgrove and Gary Cooper
Justin and Wendy Harvey
Brian Hencey and Chuck Ross
Kelli and Eric Hodges
Jeanne and Van Hoisington
Nester Ho and Heather Bland-Ho
Dr. and Mrs. Lacy H. Hunt
Johanne Ibsen-Wolford and Steve Wolford
Diane Ireson and Rowland Cook
Joan and Jeffrey S. Lava
Carmen Luevanos
Phil and Sue Maxwell
Bruce McCann
Linda McDonough
Jon and Heather McElhaney
Christine and Louis Messina
Kimberly and Tatum Moore
Gail and Tommy Morgan
Cliff and Linda Mountain
Robert Nutt III
Candace and Michael Partridge
Hiten and Melissa Patel
Robin and Jeff Picard
Jim Raup
Jim and Trish Roberts-Miller
Mari and Grant Ruckel
Tom and Glenda Rhyne
Joy and Dan Selak
Laura and Mike Snavely
Sadi Sparks
Shannon, Shane, Kaitlin, and Gracee Street
Christopher and Sherrie Thomas*
Jessica and Greg Weaver*
Jim and Terry Whorton
Kevin Witcher and Rick O’Donnell
Stacey and Mitch Zoll

Stage Manager’s Circle: $1,500-$2,999

Anonymous* (2)
Linda Aaker
Abigail Adams Hunter and Jeff Julia
Carol and Chris Adams
Cheryl Allen and Carol Polumbo
John and Diana Argersinger
Richard and Cindy Atkin
Brent, Amee, and Luke Baker*
Jamie Barshop
Becky Beaver and John Duncan
Dr. Charles Bell
Phillip L. Berry and Susan Landers
Julianna and Malcolm Borgendale
Anne Boyd
Boyd Family
Bill and Julianne Brackin
Russell Bridges and Ralph Salinas
Lynda and Tim Brown
Dan Bullock and Annette Carlozzi
Joann Burch
Christina Carson*
Ruth Casarez
Elisbeth Challener and Brett Bachman
Faye Chandler
Ciera, The Gregory Group
Cynthia Smith Clark
Donna Clay
Robert Cratchit
Mary Lockwood Crouch
John Crow and Marcus Loy
JoAnn Dalrymple and Regan Ellmer
Darrell and Brenda David
Dr. Harvey and Gloria Evans
In Memory of Mary Margaret Farabee
Marilyn Gaddis, PhD
Richard Ginsberg and Heather Frye-Ginsberg
Brian Gleason and Shawn Chapman
The Goodrum Family
Iris Groten
Cass Haecker
Mel and Brian Hamburg-Maas
Susan B. Hammer
Don Hammill
Nyla Harper
Catherine and George Hessler
Robert and Frances Hieronymus
Stephanie and Jody Hooten
Shirley and Doug Hudson
John and Kimberly Ireland*
Dana and Dennis Jakubowicz
Dirk and Betty Jameson
William E. Jones, MD
Scott Joslove
Suzanne and Keith Kaminsky
Alicia and Tom Kamm
Karen and Don Kirmis
Olgica and Steven Klindworth
Pat Koen
Hank and Nancy Kojzarek
Ken and Diane Kramer
Margaret Kress
Doug and Debbie Lackey
L’Aiglon Foundation
Myra Leo and Billy Atkins
Dr. Emma Linn
Drs. Alaire and Tom Lowry
Susan and Craig Lubin*
Bob Luther and Clint Phillips
William Lynn and Joanne Debyah
Michael and Suzanne Maine
Dr. Roseann Mandziuk
Lee Manford and Casey Blass
Julia Marsden
Terry Matthews
Tom Mays and Orlando Zayas
Trish and Lyn Mueller
Jennifer, Glenn, Waylon, and Wyatt Muniz
Coach Nakumbe
Elizabeth and Reuel Nash
Mike and Linda O’Krent
Kathleen and Martin Otto
Timothy and Bethany Pickering*
Tracy Rawl
Joe and Patty Rotunda
Peter Schram
Greg Sovey
Meredith and Tyler Spears
Beth and Jack Stockton
Ryan Stryker
Lonnie Karotkin-Taub and Albert Taub
David Terk Wildlife Conservation Foundation
Brenda Thompson
Trisa Thompson and Jack Jacobi
Vincent Thompson and David Thomas
Tracy Townsend
Jeffrey Trigger and Kathy Steele
Mark and Ledi Trutna
Keith Uhls
Patricia and William Uhls
Lanny Vickery and Kim Greene
Robert and Danielle Wills
Ching and Man-Li Yew

Leading Role: $600-$1,499

Laura Agnew and Hill Abell
Reed Arnos
Larry and Cheryl Audette
Jade and Greg Ausley
Donna Ayala
Cindy and Pat Behling
Deborah Beilman*
Maryann and Paul Bell
Suzanne Black, Pro Solar LLC
Barbara Bobb
Dawn Brady and Tracy Waller
Sue and Dewey Breland
Britton and Britton Insurance
Marco and Michelle Camacho
Kelli and John Carlton
Deborah Corbin
Kathy Clark
Kevin and Sue Cloud
Shelton K. Coleman
Charles and Dian Cox
Elaine Crockett
Mrs. Gayle Cullington
Beverly Dale
Leola Decker
Carl and Laura Dobbs
Claude and Susan Ducloux
Eddie Erlandson and Kate Ludeman
David and Pam Frager
David Franks
Freeit Data Solutions
Friedel Family Foundation by Lynne and Steve Gellman
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Gilliam
Fred and Betty Glosser
Kevin and Jennifer Goetz
Graham/Walker Family*
Dr. Ellen M. Grimm and Dr. Michael J. Grady
Martin Grygar and Travis Maese
Dr. Juan Guerrero, MD
Timothy W. Hald and Dorothy Hald
James and Brandy Hammack
Don and Mary Kay Hanson
Michele Haram
Frances Hart
Carisa Herweck and Valerie Esparza
Kenneth Heydrick and Larry Stephens
Jim and Linda Holcombe
William and Marilyn Ingram
Coleman A. and Lola H. Jennings
Andrew and Christina Johnson
James Jones
Ron and Stephanie Kincheloe
Dr. H. Daviss King Jr.
Judith Knotts*
J.R. and Jill Kraft
Rebecca and Jackson LeMond
Carey Leva and Elizabeth Danon-Leva
Clay and Katy Levit*
Carol and Kent Luehman
Law Office of Valerie Luessenhop
Carolyn Mann and Jesse Gutierrez
Pamela Mathison
Kimberly and Alan McCollum
Maria McDonald*
Paul McGill*
Lynn E. McNeil and Torbin McEwen
Gil and Christy McQuillan
Lynn Meyer and Rick Clemens
Anne and David Morley
Laurie Newton and John Velasquez
Jason O’Brien and Gwynlon Hample
Terry and Patrick O’Daniel
Connie and Samuel Pate
Sue Patrick
Lisa Paulson and Michael O’Toole
Doug and Sally Pendergras
Phillip and Randy Pensabene
Jenny Preece
Maria and Eric Pronske
Drs. Jan Puckett and John Richardson
Tom and Kit Randall
Joe and Karen Rascati
Patrick and Lily Reznik
Karin Richmond
Faith Roberts
Roshay Rogers and Stuart Blackwell
The Schanen Family
Amy Shipherd
Marcia and Barry Silverberg
Stephen Skaggs and Jay Kleine
DJ and Jennifer Skillman
Delbert and Joan Smith
Larry and Susan Smith
Donna Snyder and Richard Donahue
Don and Anna Sorensen
John and Cynthia Theodore
John Thompson
Donald Tompkins
Don Trapp
Christian Trembley
Karen Tuel and Doug Powell
Retta Van Auken*
Mark and Mary Venghaus
Craig Wallace
Sabrina and Jamie Wallace
Jay Willems and Dennis Nauert
Linda Wilson
Jan and Lois Wood
Stan and Hilary Young
Cynthia and Bret Zieman

Featured Actor: $300-$599

Michael Abkowitz
Frank Almaraz
Rosalie Ambrosino
Rebecca Austen and Stacy Holt
Misa Bartlett
Karl and Jan Buesing
Scott Branson and Tina Coverman
Anne and Steve Cunningham
Lawrence Danko and Cathy Anderson
Elaina Dodd
The Doolittle Family
Ann and Jim Downing
Elegant Estates by Auction
Kendal Gladish
James D. Gonzalez Jr.
Karen Grosskopf
Ashley and John Guaragna
Anjela Jagger
Jeff and Gail Kodosky
Connie LeBeau
Roy and Kitty Materanek
McCutchen Family
Stacy Mendelson
Sally Metcalfe
Cary Parven
John and Shari Pflueger
Wray Plicque
David Pollard
Donald and Andrea Reaves
Lyn and Dan Roberts
Mary and David Rogerson
Helen and Irwin Salmanson
Jeanette Shelby Realty
Skip Smith
Amy Spiro and Steven Bijl
Frank and Beth Stabile
Thomas Valentine and Keath Demeno
Clark Wilkinson
Zana and Brian Wilson

Ensemble Cast: $120-$299

Drs. Aaron and Genevieve Ali
Arturo Alvarez
Mark Anderson
Jay Applewhite and Dora Mancera
Richard and Jennifer Arndt
Bart and Kelly Arnold
David Aronofsky*
Mary Bakatsa
Ted Blaylock
Maria Elena Bleier
Suzanne and David Booth
Alan Bovik
Thomas and Tyra Brewer
Shannon and Mike Brimmer
Margie and John Brindley
Tammie Brown
Joe Bryson and Dr. Anne Ames
Christina Bulman
Camp Bow Wow
Rita Casanova 7-11
Vanessa Chiapetta MD
Terry Cook
Jennifer Darrouzet and Joe McEwan
John Davenport
Ira and Sara Davis
Paul Delacruz
Victoria J. Doss Salon
Greg Dove
Gregory Eaton
Allison Edwards
Brad and Shirley Ellis
Sandra Ensminger
Karla Ent
Nancy and Bob Fairchild
Ken and Kathy Fox
Dr. Erica Garza
Melody Gayeski
Vollie Goehring
Ira Goodman
Thomas M. Goodrum Jr.
Laura Graham
Joan Gwynn
Anthony Harris
D’Ann and Jerry Harris
Richard Hauslein
Marilyn and David Heath
Karalyn Heimlich
Charlotte Helberg
Theresa Glader-Hingston
Curtis and Judy Hitt
Connie Hudson
Amy Hunt
The Jackson Family
Bryan and Jennifer Jones
Juanita and Jack Josel
Chad and Kim Jowers
Jan Kearbey
Kent Thermal Engineering
Mark Kernan
Janet and Bryan Kilgore
Harold Koch
Barbara Kyse
Katie Lalla
Laura Lansing
Chris Long and David C. Smith
Jim and Sally Matoushek
Don and Stacey McClure
McConachie Family
June and Don Miles
Marshall Missner
Jerry Mitchell
Marcus Mohon
John Morales
Michael Nix-Tipton
Ann Marie Olson
Lila Oshatz
Larry and Angela Parsons
Mark Patrick
David Perry
Jean and Andy Raper
Robert and Rebecca Rendon
Cameo Ritterbush
The Rockefeller/Steckler Family
Jeremey C. Rogers
Peggy Roof
Bonbon Rosie
Judah and Jenny Ross
Ken Rowley
Carlos and Judy Rubinstein
Bill and Susan Rutherford
John and Molly Sanders
Dale Scott
John Shine
Charles Shumaker
Carole and Charles Sikes
Endi Silva
The Silverman Family
Diane and Clay Singleton
Jo Carol Snowden, Moreland Properties
Susan Sprague
Charles and Christina T. Stolper Foundation
Timothy Sullivan
Patti Summerall
Meghan Taylor
Larry Temple
Larry and Sara Tharp
Roger Thomas
Ray Thompson
Ron Thompson
Paul and Jamie Trahan
Kerry Ugarte
Thomas and Karen Vaughn
Mary Walcutt
Danny and Diana Walker
Martha Wallace
Mark Walton
Mitchell and Kaye West
Randy and Jennifer Willard
Glen Williams
Peter Wood
Catherine Worley
Diana Zuniga and Victor Woods

ZACH 85th Anniversary

Club 85

The following list reflects additional gifts of $85 made toward ZACH’s Annual Fund from March 1, 2017 to September 1, 2017 in honor of ZACH’s 85th Anniversary Season.

Anonymous (3)
Karen Abee
Lisa Albright
Drs. Aaron and Genevieve Ali
Arturo Alvarez
Kelly and Bart Arnold
William Ash
Jade and Greg Ausley
Gina Avvakoum
Dr. Glenda Ballard
Carol and Charles Barnett
James Barnett
Michael Barrett
Carolyn Bartlett and Jesus Fraire
June and Jim Baumoel
Becky Beaver and John Duncan
Dr. Pat and Margene Beckham
Dr. F. Ethelynn Beebe
Patricia and Lee Benson
Sophia Bera
Judith and Richard Berkowitz
Jon and Carolyn Bible
Harlan Blumenthal
Michael Blumenthal
Dr. Whitney and Betty Bodman
Jilda Bolton
Becky Bonham
Charlotte Boyle
James Boysen
Bill and Julianne Brackin
Kimberly and John Bradley
Marsha Brauen
Thomas and Tyra Brewer
Francesca Brockett
Lynda and Tim Brown
Joe Bryson and Dr. Anne Ames
Caroline Bull
Frederick Butler
Joe Callaway
Kira Carey
Dr. Cindy Carlson
Ruth Casarez
Criselda Castillo
Jim Checkley
Craig Cobb
Shelton K. Coleman
Brynna Connor
Dennis Corkran
Charles and Dian Cox
Kaycee Crisp
John Crow
Isabella Cunningham
Elizabeth Curtis
Roe Dabney
Soheil Daftarian
The Mary Dale Law Firm, PLLC
Christi Dammert
Kathy and Bill Darling
Joe McEwan and Jennifer Darrouzet
Mario Davila
Alice and Charlie Deffenbaugh
Bob Dehm
Stacey Dehne
Henry De La Garza and Rhonda Peters
Robert DeMotta
Susan Donaldson
Greg Dove
Sharon Duboise
Roger Duncan
Kenneth Dunn
Brigitte Edery
Anita and Ted Edwards
Sharon Eisbenberg
Jeanne Ellenstein
A.J. Elliott
NJ Elmendorf
Gary Engel
Karla Ent
Willie Edward Everett
Nancy and Bob Fairchild
Faridoun Farrokh
William Fitzgerald
Jason and Jenny R. Ford
Charlie and Pat Foulks
Ken and Kathy Fox
Shelley Friend and Travis Kessler
Kathryn Froelich
Linda Funderburg
Raychel Funk
Renee Gallagher
David and Barbara Gamble
Dennis Gans
Raul Garcia
Jane Giordano
Andrea and Alexa Giordano
Margie Gold
Stu and Dawn Goldberg
Ed and Dolly Golden
Ricardo Gonzalez
Richard Gordon
Christine Gorychka
Charles Goss
Dorrie Green
Carla and Douglas Greenleaf
Ronnie and Debbie Griffin
The Grimes
Dr. Ellen M. Grimm and Dr. Michael J. Grady
Karen Grosskopf
Cookie Hagemeier
Brigitte Hall
Susan B. Hammer
Jeffrey Harper
D’Ann and Jerry Harris
Ann Marie Harrison
Nicci Harrison
Consuelo Harwood
Karen Haschke
M.J. Hawes
Cami Hawkins
Chun He
Steve and Geraldine Heichen
Charlotte Helberg
Bryan Hicks
Lee Hiller
Curtis and Judy Hitt
Susan Hoermann
Mary Holman
Edythe Holubec
Mark Hopkins
Sheryl and Jim Horan
Morgan Howard
Connie Hudson
Amy Hunt
Randall Hutson
Diane Hyatt
Barbara Immroth
Bobby and Nancy Inman
The Jackson Family
Kye Jackson
Mark Johnson
Robert Jolly
Scott Joslove
Suzanne and Keith Kaminsky
Bernice Keinarth
Rene Kendall
Mark Kernan
Stephen B. Kinslow
Kristin Knifeton
Susan Richardson
Jean-Marie Kokou-Abi
Ron Koliba
J.R. and Jill Kraft
Janet Krueger
Heather Kruger
Walter Kuenast
Cynthia LaBrake
Katara LaBrie
Sharon Lakings
Carol Lauder
John Lauer
Viola Lee
Jeffrey Levenberg and Sheri Parr
Larry and Sue Lewellyn
Andra and Joe Liemandt
Diane Lipsitz
Michael and Suzanne London
Reid Long
Drs. Alaire and Tom Lowry
Susan and Craig Lubin*
Dr. Bonny Macfarlane
Ryan Malone
Anita Mapes
Deborah Martin
Catherine Mauzy and Hans Magnusson
Alice Maxie
Stephen and Sherry Maysonave
Tom McCaffrey
Virginia McCarroll
James McClure
McCutchen Family
Gordon McDaniel
Kathy McIntyre and Jay Van Bavel
James and Amber McKinney
Lynn Meyer and Rick Clemens
Doise and Josh Miers
Barbara Miller
Mark Montgomery
Gina Morales
Susan Morehead
Harold Morgan
Anne and David Morley
Nancy Morris
Trish and Lynn Mueller
Virginia Mullen
Jennifer, Glenn, Waylon, and Wyatt Muniz
Diana Muns
Judith and William Munyon
Jason Gallaher
Coach Nakumbe
Terry M. Neal
Bob and Lana Newlander
Lisa Nieman
Michael Nix-Tipton
Bettye and Bill Nowlin
Jason O’Brien and Gwynlon Hample
Brian Azlum
Granville Ott
Victoria Ozimek
Tatiana Panovich
Connie and Samuel Pate
Veronica Pavel
Billy Peel
Collier Perry
Pat Peterson
Mitzi L. Pirkey
Elizabeth Powell
William Pratt
Thomas Priem
Barbara Putrino
Raesener Family
Kathy Raesz
Jean and Andy Raper
Gloria Ratley
Donald and Andrea Reaves
Vicki Reed
Walter Reid
Herb Rieth
Faith Roberts
Edith Robertson
Jennifer Lava and Jay Robertson
Agnes and Peter Robinson
Barbara Rodgers
Nancy Roser and Ken Baxter
Bonbon Rosie
Carlos and Judy Rubinstein
Bill and Susan Rutherford
Steve Sabino
Marshall and Sandy Sack
Vance Sack and Meg Lowry
Ellar Salmon
Rana Sanders
Richard Schendel and Cheryl Asumendi
Madison and Janet Scholl
Rhoda and John Schwarz
Bill Scroggie
Gerald Shackelford
Jeff Short
Charles Shumaker
David Silbert
Bruce Simmons
Sylvia Skellenger
Thomas Sloss
Karen Smith
Mary Smith
Sandy and Jeff Smith
Jo Carol Snowden, Moreland Properties
Linda Soja
Don and Anna Sorensen
Amy Spiro
Hershel Spurlin
Taylor Steed
Mary Stolp
Venus and Bill Strawn
Larry and Patricia Sweredoski
Caroline Tang
Larry and Sara Tharp
Carrie Thomas
Alan Tillman
Stephanie Todd
Mort and Bobbi Topfer
Paul and Jamie Trahan
Christian Trembley
Carol Troy
Jennifer Turquette
Henry Urick and Charles Davis
Mark Walton
Patricia Wamsted
Joan Ward
Sean Waters
Debra and Robert Watkins
Sally Watkins
Jane Webre
Karen Wendler-Nusbaum
Pamela Werner
Joe Juren and Tracy Weston
Rex and Brenda White
Jean and Robert Wiley
Randy and Jennifer Willard
Andru Williams
Bette Williams
Glen Williams
Theresa Williams
Yolanda Williams-Bailey
Robert and Danielle Wills
Susan Wolff and Stephen Wolff
Gladys Womble
Carol Wood
Dan Wood and Marilyn Good
James Wood
Peter Wood
Gail Worrell
David and Linda Yohe
William Zepp
Diana Zuniga and Victor Woods
Jeanie Zwiener

*Indicates Friends of Education support

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

ZACH Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization located in Austin, Texas.

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