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Hello Everyone,

I hope you guys are getting all of the videos from the past couple of Mondays! You guys are doing awesome work!

You can view all of you your material here: Rehearsal Videos

Just a little reminder that you are not taking classes on Sundays. However, you may need to come in for a rehearsal when we get closer to the Showcase. I will let you know if we have any of those coming up soon.

Monday, 2/19 Schedule

6:00 p.m.- 9:15 p.m.



Each Student in A and B Company were assigned a Musical to research and present with another PPC member. This Musical Theatre Project is graded and will discussed in our Spring Evaluations.

40 % of Grade- Students will research their selected Musical in class. They will present the following details on a Trifold.

Costumes and Scenic design
Which actors originated the roles on Broadway
Feel free to add as much as you like

60% of Grade- Performance Scoring your Scene and Song

Students will choose a character from within the show that they feel like they identify with or that fits their “type”. They will communicate and work with their partner to select a duet, solo, or scene from the show that they will perform in class. Students are required to have the following written down and in a folder:

Moment Before
Given Circumstances
Overall Objective (what you need from the other person)
Tactics- Verbs that help you get what you want
Beats or shifts
Please let Jen know if you need the Acting worksheet that was handed out in the beginning of the semester.

Kylie Diefenthaler, Mercy Bovik, Eric Larson|Crazy For You
Lydia Ent , Devon Bell |Pajama Game
Emma Wallace, Grace M., Kinsey Neas | Gypsy
Helena Laing, Brady Reardon, Ava Grace Light-Whipple | Dames at Sea
Carli Vinciguerra, Mark Willenbring, Ella Rutman | Parade
Collette Phillips, Aislin Lyman|Guys and Dolls
Araya Light Feeney, Jack Weaver  | She Loves Me
Sydney Carreon, Sophie Montani, Ben Baskin|Damn Yankees
Veronica Britton, Morgan Francis | Fiddler On The Roof


Mark and I decided that it would be best to reschedule his Master class to some time in the spring. The PPC schedule is too crazy with events this fall. It will not be on Oct. 29th, I will post a new date when we confirm.


PPC 2017-18 Class Folder contains the following information:

  • PPC Contact sheets: CLICK HERE
    • Please edit your information.
    • This sheet is helpful for carpooling and Volunteering.
  • Class Rotations: CLICK HERE
    • Company B will be able to look at their class rotations.
    • Please read the Sunday schedule Carefully.
  • Conflict Google Form: CLICK HERE
    • Make sure you have all of your conflicts turned in by September 27.
  • “Big” and “Little” Get to know you form: CLICK HERE
  • “Big” and “Little” Form: CLICK HERE

Excused Absences:

  • Main stage rehearsals and productions, sickness, family emergencies, college visits, school or professional opportunities.
  • We excuse GAHSMTA Select Ensemble TECH and awards show.Unexcused absences include: Competitive programming conflicts, concerts or time management issues.

Unexcused Absences:

  • If you miss more than two classes or rehearsals in a row, then you run the risk of not being considered to participate in a number in the showcase.
    • The work in PPC is intense. If you plan to participate in any performance, then you will need to attend all of the rehearsals that are allotted for that performance.
    • If you exceed the allotted two unexcused absences/ per semester, then you will be dismissed from the Company.
    Please note that two tardies = one absence this year.

• Please be kind and respectful to your teachers and peers
• Use your manners with Directors, Guest Directors, Parents, etc.
No Cell phones allowed in rehearsal. You will get two warnings
• Do not lie down or sit when we are working in class
• Take initiative and help others
• Work hard and stay focused
• Communicate when you have a concern
• Please do not talk or give suggestions in rehearsal
• Be leaders with the younger PPC groups
• Please keep talking to a minimum and only at appropriate times
• There is no talking at all when rehearsing with a guest artist
• The only people who are allowed to give notes are the Directors, Dance Captains and Section Leaders

Performance Features: are given to students that work really hard, show kindness and respect to their peers, and are consistent with their training. When selecting featured students, we consider upperclassmen first.

• It is always safe to meet in the Whisenhunt building. There will be Main Stage rehearsals in the NOWLIN, so please check your email and the Facebook group to know which studio to go to.

• Email is the best for Jen! jyoung@zachtheatre.org
• jwechsler@zachtheatre.org
• Join facebook group
• Jen DOES NOT check Face book messages that often
• Jen’s Cell- (512) 704-4846
Please come to Jen or Josh with any questions or concerns. We are very open to feedback and appreciate open communication.

DRESS CODE: Students must wear appropriate clothing to participate in class. 
• Girls- Tights, solid leotard, dance shoes, hair pulled back in bun. Ballet or dance skirt. Taps, heels, ballet and jazz shoes.
• Boys- Solid white T and Black athletic pants or black ballet pants when taking ballet, black jazz or ballet shoes. All males must wear a dance belt.
• All are required to look like you are going to a professional audition.
• Choose solid black cover ups. PPC shirt is fine.
• NO SHORTS, socks or bare feet, flip flops or sandals unless permitted.

Please note that if a student is in breach of contract, then the student will be dismissed from the Company will not receive a tuition refund.


• If you exceed the allotted two unexcused absences/ per semester
• There is a no bullying tolerance. Any bullying or hurtful gossip will be reviewed and student may be dismissed.
• Any gossip about PPC guest artists or teachers is in breach of contract.
• You are expected to work hard and review your material at home. The student will recieve two warnings, after two warnings, we will propose a conference meeting to determine if PPC is the right fit.
• Preparation- You must have all of your materials and follow dress code policy.

• To ensure a quality Musical Theatre training program in a conservatory structure.
• To prepare students for College and Professional auditions
• To give students the opportunity to work with variety of professional teaching artists.
• To challenge students, and to help them grow as performing artists.
• To offer professional rehearsal and performing experiences.
• To give back to the community


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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

ZACH Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization located in Austin, Texas.

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