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Tortoise and Hare


Enjoy the full performance of Tortoise and Hare, a new musical from Allen Robertson!

Ancient versus modern. Brain versus brawn. Peace versus war. Reptile versus mammal. The ultimate culture clash between two tribes and a fantastical race to decide the fate of them all. Written by the talented Allen Robertson and Damon Brown, with modern music and energetic re-imagining of the ancient fable that will delight turtles and hares of all ages!

Creative Team

Nat Miller
Allen Robertson & Damon Brown
Allen Robertson
Sara Burke
Kaitlyn “Kat” Kennedy
Kristian Piña
Anne McMeeking
Rachel Atkinson
Jaimee Garner
Craig Brock
A.J. Silvas
Jordan Visage


Leslie Ann Leal
Michael Wheeler
John Christopher
Austin Hyde
Megan Hudson
Rachel Pallante
Mariela Denson
Blakeney Mahlstedt
Mercy Bovik
Carli Vinciguerra
Mariel Ardila
Nicholas Kier

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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