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To reach staff, please dial 512-476-0594. Staff extensions are below.


Job Title Phone Name
Producing Artistic Director 226 Dave Steakley
Associate Artistic Director 291 Nat Miller
Director of Production 239 Paul Flint
Assistant Production Manager 257 Lesley Fairman
Technical Director 252 Austin Manning
Shop Foreman 275 Iasha Doumanoff
Scenic Carpenter Chris Dominguez
Lead Scenic Carpenter Mike Hennessy
Scenic Carpenter Christy Howell
Scenic Charge 269 J. Aaron Bell
Scenic Artist Roger Mason
Production Coordinator 242 T. Scott Wooten
Company Manager 229 Gabriela De La Rosa
Resident Stage Manager Cate Tucker
Lighting Supervisor 261 Austin Brown
Master Electrician 241 Emily Holmead
Stage Operations Manager 276 Taylor Novak
Stage Crew Chief 295 Taz Powers
Properties Stagehand Woody Hutzel
Audio Supervisor 271 Craig Brock
Lead Audio Engineer Pete Martinez
Audio Engineer Alex Cottam
Properties Master 405 Scott Groh
Properties Artisan Mars Tosko
Costume Shop Manager 237 Blair Hurry
Assistant Costume Shop Manager Elizabeth Ensminger
Wardrobe Supervisor 247 Christina Montgomery
Lead Dresser 247 Jaclyn Bjornson
Draper 237 Wayne Fowks


Job Title Phone Name
Managing Director 255 Elisbeth Challener
Associate Managing Director 256 Renelle Bedell
Director of Human Resources 230 Regina Pyne
Director of Finance 227 Linda Wilson
Assistant Finance Director 225 Ameer Mobarak
Accounting and Budget Specialist 293 Lakeisha Van Buren
Finance Assistant 273 Alyssa Pascua
Information Systems and Tessitura Manager 264 Allen Greathouse


Job Title Phone Name
Chief Development Officer 294 Charlie Frasier
Associate Director of Development 260 Cathleen Berdan
Institutional Giving Manager 232 Margaret Gooding
Individual Giving Manager 270 Brittney Woolley
Individual Giving Coordinator 234 Kevin Wilson


Job Title Phone Name
Director of Education and Community Engagement 290 Chad Dike
Pre-Professional Director & Resident Choreographer 407 Jennifer Young Mahlstedt
Pre-Professional Vocal Coordinator Josh Wechsler
Conservatory Manager 218 Kate Shaw-Nappi
Education and School Shows Coordinator 272 Shannon Fox
Performing Arts School Coordinator 262 Sweet Van Loan
ZACH North Performing Arts School Coordinator 265 Hannah Enright


Job Title Phone Name
Director of Marketing and Communications 400 Drew Nebrig
Associate Director of Marketing and Analytics 223 Greg Garcia
Senior Marketing Manager 249 Rick Sanchez
Art Director 233 Rona Ebert
Digital Media Manager 231 Joshua Cummins
Patron Services Manager 228 Kyle Sigrest
Box Office Manager 238 Ali Jaynes
Lead Box Office Associate 246 Kim Stacy
Box Office Associates 1 Daniel Lonzo
House Managers Sarah Andrews, Dee Castillo, Kathy Garrett, Terri Housworth, Ernestina Martina, Janie Paez, & West Swihart
Bar Manager 274 Chris Smith
Assistant Bar Manager Elliot Mayorga
Group Sales Associate 245 Alyson Mintz
Priority Seating Representatives 250 Alyson Mintz, Don Tischa


Job Title Phone Name
Site Rental Sales Manager 451 Christina Barboza
Event Production Administrator Ana Rusness-Petersen
Facilities Manager 401 Jay Holland
Facilities Crew Jerald Ceredon
Facilities Assistant 402 Juan Solis
Facility Maintenance Lead Leon Presley

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

ZACH Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization located in Austin, Texas.

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