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Auditions & Casting

ZACH Theatre hires over 100 AEA (Actors’ Equity Association) and Non-Equity actors each season, and 98% of these actors reside right here in Austin and Central Texas. Our casting philosophy is to hire from Austin and our region first and foremost. ZACH Theatre also casts some principal and chorus dancer featured roles in New York City, after the announcement of our upcoming season. Annual AEA season auditions are held in NYC once each spring, and also for some specific shows throughout the year.
Auditions typically occur three to four months before that show’s first rehearsal. We also accept video auditions and Agent submissions, and well as headshot/resumes via email to auditions@zachtheatre.org.



ZACH Theatre announces local auditions by appointment for In the Heights on Monday, January 23 from 1:00 – 9:00 p.m. in ZACH’s Whisenhunt Theatre at 1510 Toomey Road.

Callbacks will be scheduled on Monday, January 30 from 1:00 – 9:00 p.m. in ZACH’s Nowlin Rehearsal Studio at 1426 Toomey Road.


Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Book by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Conceived By Lin-Manuel Miranda
Directed and Choreographed by Michael Balderrama
Associate Director and Choreography by Greer Gisy
Musical Direction by Allen Robertson



Welcome to the passionate, proud, and diverse neighborhood of Washington Heights, where hard work is necessary to survive, but faith, community, music, food, culture and support of each other is what keeps them going day in and day out. This groundbreaking, vibrant musical won the Tony Award for Best Musical for Lin-Manuel Miranda and his dynamic creative team behind Broadway’s most talked about breakout hit Hamilton. Set in NYC’s Washington Heights, this “Upper West Side Story” dazzles with sizzling song and dance, as the hopes, romances, and dreams of a community ignite over the July 4 weekend. Joyous, infectious, and moving!



Rehearsals begin May 2 with performances beginning May 31. The production will run through July 2, with shows Wednesdays through Sundays at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sundays at 2:30 p.m.

NOTE: Actors cast in this production may be asked to perform in, and separately contracted for, the Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma’s production August 1-12, 2017.


Actors will be seen BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To schedule an appointment, please send an email to auditions@zachtheatre.org with the subject line that reads:


Please include in the email a resume and headshot attached in PDF or Word Document format, and please indicate your preferred audition time. All actors should bring a hard copy headshot and resume to the audition.

All AEA members will be seen, and all non-union members will be seen while appointments slots are available. If you are not able to be seen at this audition, ZACH will make all best efforts to schedule you for a later audition date.


We are seeking equity and non-equity, ethnically diverse men and women of all ages; actors from ALL ethnic groupsLatino(a) performers are particularly encouraged to attend; all actors will be considered for all roles. Actors should prepare a 16- to 32-bar cut of a song in the style of the show and bring relevant sheet music (please do not bring selections from the show). You may be asked to sing an additional song of your choosing, so please bring your book. An accompanist will be provided; no pre-recorded music allowed.

NOTE: If you are asked to attend the callbacks, you will receive separate instruction on what to bring to the movement call.


Usnavi De La Vega: Early to mid 20s; baritone with very strong, clear rap narrative skills. Charismatic leading man with tremendous heart; owner of De La Vega’s Bodega, his parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic and have since passed away. Usnavi is the eyes and ears of his Washington Heights neighborhood.

Nina Rosario: Late teens to early 20s; strong mezzo belt. Nina has just finished her freshman year at Stanford University. She is the daughter of Kevin and Camilia Rosario. Nina is the only member of her family and friends who made it to college. She is best friends with Vanessa and a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who know her; she represents the opportunity outside of “the Heights.”

Kevin Rosario: Early to mid 40s; baritone. Owner of Rosario Car and Limousine, Kevin is the husband to Camila and father to Nina. While Kevin was born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, he immigrated to New York City with Camila. Kevin immediately started working to provide a better life for his newly-arrived family. He is stubborn, hot tempered at times and can be quick to act without thoughts of repercussions.

Camilla Rosario: Early to mid 40s; mezzo/soprano range. She is the co-owner of Rosario Car and Limousine with her husband Kevin. Also from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, no-nonsense; strong-willed. She is cool-headed, yet keeps a subtle but strong leash on Kevin.

Benny: Early to late 20s; bari-tenor; moves well. Hardworking, good guy; cab driver for Rosario Car and Limousine, he once was a street punk and hoodlum, often finding himself in trouble. He and Usnavi are best friends; Nina’s unexpected love interest.

Vanessa: Early to mid 20s; strong high belt; great dancer. Nina’s best friend; shampoo girl at Daniela’s Salon, Vanessa is strong, intelligent, and grew up with Benny and Usnavi. Vanessa dreams of leaving to create her own life away from the difficulties of life in the Heights.

Sonny: Late Teens, or can play late teens; tenor with strong rap skills; strong mover. Usnavi’s cousin, Sonny is spends the summers working for Usnavi at the bodega. He usually hangs out on the street with his friend Graffiti Pete, but avoids trouble. He is an extremely intelligent young man who has a passionate desire to solve the social and economic problems of the neighborhood. A somewhat misunderstood modern philosopher.

Abuela Claudia: Late 60s or older, or able to play late 60s; alto belt. She raised Usnavi after his parents passed away and continues to live with him. She emigrated from Cuba when she was very young. She is clearly the matriarch of the neighborhood.

Daniela: Mid 30s; strong belt. Tough on the surface, compassionate underneath; she is the owner of Daniela’s Salon. Savvy to say the least, she is quick witted, brassy and outspoken. While she retains a motherly relationship with Vanessa, she remains the gossip queen of the neighborhood. No-nonsense, she has built a successful business but is being forced out the neighborhood because of the rent hikes.

Carla: Early to mid 20s; mezzo. Good comedienne; strong dancer. She is a hairdresser at Daniela’s salon. Born and raised in Queens, she is a sweet and kind young woman who is easily taken advantage of because of her naiveté. She and Daniela are a dynamic duo.

Graffiti Pete: Early to mid 20s; bari-tenor; VERY strong dancer and partner. Graffiti artist and the nemesis of Usnavi, he is always hanging out on the streets, dancing to his boom box music, spray painting any surface he can.

Piragua Guy: Mid to late 30s; tenor, strong singer. Good hearted, he walks the hot and humid streets of Washington Heights selling piraguas (flavored ice shavings) to earn a living. He represents a rhythm of the islands in the big city.

Ensemble: Members of the Ensemble will also double as various residents of Washington Heights.

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

ZACH Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization located in Austin, Texas.

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